Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new decade for me!

I turn 40 on Monday...til then, enjoy some pics from my pre-40-party! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

YiaYia update

YiaYia is in the hospital, she came back from Louisiana with pneumonia, I suspect she probably had it before she left for Campti but with her 94th birthday and everything going on, she thought she was just tired from stress. She's been in the hospital now for 8 days and they drained some fluid off her lungs last week Thursday and again today. They're still running tests and giving her IV antibiotics. Her Primary Care Physician doesn't want to let her go home yet and her pulmonary physician that's been following her lung issue this stay isn't ready for her to be released either. That's comforting to me because so many people are discharged before they're ready and I don't want that to happen to her. She may go home on oxygen when she is discharged because her room air sats were 85% last week wednesday when we took her to the doc.

She says she's breathing better today and she's eating well. So hopefully she'll bounce back from this. At her age its especially touchy.

I love her so much and after all that she's been through in the last year and a half, this pneumonia sounds like it should be a piece of cake, but pneumonia is tricky and some people recover from it and some do not. My father didn't come back from it last year and I know that's probably in the back of her mind right now. But I don't think her pneumonia is as bad as my dad's was and her lungs at 94 are better than his lungs were at 62, not to mention she weighs more than he did by an easy 70 lbs. and she's not obese, he was just a very frail 87 ish lbs.

so, if you pray, send some prayers up for her, she sure could use them, pray for her spirits to be lifted too...sometimes, just keeping your spirits up while you're ill makes a world of difference.