Saturday, April 25, 2009

The biggest eBay nightmare we have ever encountered! Enjoy reading!

The Love Of My Life sells various things on eBay, he has bought and sold on eBay for the past 5 years (approx). He's not a newbie..but this is a first..What you are about to read is the worst transaction in the history of eBay transactions for him!

Keeping in mind that my boyfriend is the Seller and the item being conversed about sold for $26.00 USD, my boyfriend making a whopping $11.00 on the sale...

And, its not over, we fully expect this "FREAK" to dispute with PayPal and possibly claim the item was destroyed either in shipping or prior to...

But one valuable lesson to learn if you ever buy and sell from eBay is to check out the seller/buyer, look for feedback left to or from seller/buyer...

My boyfriend has been a power seller off and on for years and he has VERY LITTLE negative feedback, he takes great pride in his work with packing, shipping, and explicitly following instructions from seller/buyer...

And, keep in mind, my boyfriend being the seller, can not leave negative feedback for the buyer...even when the buyer is totally insane!

Dear Seller

I do hope this will be well packed to protect the original box and to assure a safe delivery as I would hate to have it arrive damaged! This is being sent as a GIFT so PLEASE do not include any paperwork with it i.e. invoice etc.
Would you also please obtain a Proof Of Deliver from the post office, for the 65 cents it costs it is worth it for your protection and mine!
Please message me on EBAY with the POD # when it has been shipped.
Could you please hold on to it for a day or two as I want to make sure he will be home when it arrives.
Thanks :)

Dear Buyer,

What is the address you want it shipped too?
I assume it is different from your Paypal address?

Dear Seller,

The confirmed address on the PayPal payment is the correct address...

Dear Buyer,

Item was shipped after waiting 2 days as per your request

Dear Seller,

Pleas confirm this hasn't been shipped yet!!

Dear Seller,

They're not home yet... please don't ship this yet!! Only a couple more days.

Dear Buyer,

Hello, after the sale you made many specific requests/instructions, delivery confirmation request, packing and shipping instructions etc, I was willing to work with you on this, even though it is outside of the normal routine of how I ship etc, then you requested I wait a ~couple~ of days. I complied with that as well. The item shipped this afternoon, a couple days after you made this request. I believe as a seller I have complied to the letter with all your requests. Hope this does not cause any problem for you shipping it today.

Dear Seller,

Outide the norm?? The NORM is that by PayPal rules YOU ae required to supply online tracking!! That is the POD I requested. I asked you to hold on to it until theyt were home. The NORM would have been to either wait for the go ahead from me or for you to write and ask if it was ok to ship!! You have done me NO favors!! YES this does cause me problems as you might ave expected from my last meesage to you and my feedback will reflect it!!!

Dear Buyer,

Ultimately, and ongoing, I'm not going to argue with you, with that said.. You obviously, completely misread the tone of my last message, either that or perhaps you are just reactionary and an angry person in general....I believe, I read the tone of YOUR last message loud and clear.. of course POD is a standard and FYI, does not cost extra for me as you suggested, but, that was not what I was referring too. You did NOT ask me to hold your package until you told me to ship it... here is the verbatim quote from your message ~Could you please hold on to it for a day or two as I want to make sure he will be home when it arrives.~....look it up in your message history! This LITERALLY tells me delay shipping for a day or 2 and ship it then...not wait until I'm told, by you, they are home, before shipping it!. I deduced, from your wording, that you knew the date they would be home and calculated that delaying it by 2 days would work perfectly.. I did just that, I waited 2 days and made a special trip with your one package.. This IS and was a favor to you! And most definitely outside of the norm for me as I drove many miles to the nearest post office. I normally take ALL of them at one time and am done with it, instead of shipping one at a time as was the case here.. in the future, I would suggest making any and all special arrangements with sellers before you buy, leave me a negative if you feel it is warranted, that is your choice, but, leaving me a negative because you are unable to articulate your request with the correct and precise wording is unfair. Again, I have upheld my end of this transaction to the letter, I did everything within my obligation to you as a seller and more, per YOUR request! And, whether you are capable of grasping this concept or not..In the truest sense of the word, I most definitely did you a favor

Dear Seller,

Your rhetoric is unimpressive and is actually quite childish. As for my feedback being fair in your opinion in inconsequential to me and maybe you need to learn that some things in life and especially on eBay are UNFAIR!! Perhaps you should take it up with eBay and their infinite wisdom in making feedback one way!!
Angry? Generally speaking I am a happy-go-lucky kind f person, but what does irk me is STUPIDITY and people like yourself who go through life blaming others for your own shortcomings. Nowhere in your listing does it say ?I only go to the post office when I have more than box to take? How you run your business is your own problem. As for things being in the truest sense of the word, I refuse to play semantics with you as that is all it is. Had you had any common sense, then instead of going so many miles to bring my one parcel, you could have simply sent a message asking if it was OK to ship it. Oh my what a novel idea COMMINUCATION rather than making your own assumptions ba (message cuts off here)

Dear Buyer,

Your responses never cease to amaze me, you have given me no choice...I must respond one more time! :-) look, you are the definition of a sellers nightmare, I followed your poorly communicated, post sale, extensive, laundry list of requests as it was worded.
But, enough about that, I must set the record straight. I owe you an apology
now, I can clearly see from your response that I was mistaken about 2 things, you are indeed a ~happy go lucky~ person! I see this now!... and life and eBay is not fair (so misguided I was before this morning!).. eBay has given you power and stripped me of mine! (feedback wise)..Pointing this obvious fact out to me must make you feel awesome! You really stuck it to me with that line! Kudos! Occasions like this deserve some defense for the seller. But, I digress.
I also must apologize for ~irking~ you with my profound stupidity, fact is, I'm dumb as a rock!
It amazes me that I can find this computer, much less turn it on and actually type into it, I must admit it does take me awhile to do this as I'm a childish, poor communicator and one who makes crazy, wild, off-handed, assumptions.. The latter of these 2 traits makes for lots of extra text to type. My lack of common sense is also a factor!
So please, skip over to your computer, in the ~devil may care~ way, as I imagine someone as ~happy go lucky~ as yourself doing and leave my much deserved negative feedback, the power you will feel when you write this horrible wrong i have done to you will be exhilarating! I mean really let me have it, Don't hold back at all, in 56 characters or less this will be your time to bring swift justice to a dumb, childish and poorly communicating, assuming person like myself!, In fact look at it like this... you will be vindicating all ~happy go lucky~ intelligent, great communicators as you type in that venomous 56 character phrase summing up your injustice at the hands of the likes of me!..So be quick about it! Please, get to it, I insist you to leave it today!

End of e-mails thus far....

Also, the whopping $11.00 he made off of this product doesn't include the time he puts into driving around to various estate sales looking for items such as this, waiting in line to pay for the item he finds, listing the item, packing/shipping, gas to and from the post-office, standing in line at the post office and dealing with the insanity of all this along with getting a (because we know its coming because he said so) negative mark on his record with eBay!

Watch out for FREAKS on eBay!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Marriage is a funny funny thing!

Today, my oldest brother and his wife are married 11 years. Congrats to you both and many happy more years together.
Now, last October, my younger brother and his wife were married 11 years! I say congrats to them too!
I love my family so much and I'm very happy for all their successes in life, but I'm truly happy that they are having very successful marriages. I haven't been so successful in that department. In fact, I've had two failed marriages. One, I attribute to both of us, basically because one did wrong, so the other one thought that they could do wrong and it would be justified. But, we all know, that's not how it goes.
In a failed marriage, both parties are at fault in some way or another. I guess that's why this time around I am guilty for even dragging my heals on the actual getting married part! I love my guy! I love him in ways I never ever loved another and I think its because we were friends before anything else. We were both just out of horrible relationships and we feared doing the dating scene again. I absolutely hate and detest dating a new guy! I just want to be with someone that I'm comfortable around! And when you meet a new "love interest", you can not be casual, for whatever reason, and I'm not sure who wrote the book on that, but its always as though you're up tight and stiff when you should be comfortable and relaxed. Dating is different when you're a mom already and you have kids to think about. Its the same if you're a dad and you have kids, are the kids going to like who you're dating? What if you date for a while, the kids like the person and then you find an incompatible thing between you and you break it off? What then?

But my brothers did it right, they married and a few years later, they had kids. They took it slow. I never did that. I wasn't that smart I guess, but now, I know what love is and I know what love isn't.

I don't like drama, I don't like to fight, I like peace and harmony in my home and will go to great lengths to try to keep the peace between all. Whatever it takes, I'll do it. And its worth it to me to see to it that everyone in my house is at peace.

One day, I'll get married again, and one day, it will be forever, but I'm not going to rush into anything when forever is at stake!

When its said that love is not jealous, its not jealous. I believe that.

When it says that love is kind, it is kind. I believe that.

When its said that love is forever, its forever. Now this word "Love", its thrown around so carelessly today. You can love anyone, but when you're choosing a life long partner, and you're going to sign a contract of marriage, if you can't see yourself with that person when you're both 90 years old, DON'T TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM, AND DON'T SIGN A MARRIAGE CONTRACT!

When you do sign on for a commitment like that, you better know that you're going to have to work everyday of your life to keep that marriage growing and alive!

Its up to both parties to keep it alive, its a heavy load that one can't carry on his/her own.

Don't ever let your marriage become a burden and don't let it become someone else's business!

There are 5 signatures on a marriage license in most states. The partners for life, 2 witnesses and the officiant.

So, if you're conversing with an outside party about your marital problems if you have any, if they didn't sign your marriage license, they're not privileged to know your business. I mean this. This is where so many relationships fail, by letting outsiders in where they don't belong.

If you want relationship advice, find someone who's been in a successful relationship for a long time like 10 - 50+ years...Don't go to someone who's had horrible relationships in the past and none of them being longer than 2 - 3 years...They'll tell you all the wrong careful when seeking advice when it comes to the rest of your life!

There's so much to say, but I have to work in the morning, so I'm going to cut it short, but keep these things in mind because marriage is serious business.

When I have time, I'll follow up on this
feel free to comment but only if you have good advice to share!