Sunday, December 6, 2009


YiaYia was in the hospital for a month, now she is home and getting stronger everyday. I've been busy sitting with her for the last four weeks and have watched with amazement at how well she bounces back, even at her age. She is incredible and she is my hero! I know I'll never make it to 94 years old but its just astounding to me that both my grandmothers made it 90+ years. The genes in my family must be super!

We had a nice Christmas, ours was early due to Mike's parents coming into town and we had quite an interesting weekend. We're all so tired now!

My sister-in-law, GiGi, created a blog today, its great so far and I want to welcome her to Blogspot. What a place to be! I have been here now for a few years and though I don't blog a whole lot, I like to think of this place as my little mark on the world. To me, its a place where I can express my every thought, feeling and desire and even though my blog isn't private, its okay because I don't have that many followers so its just like being a private place. I love reading my friend's blogs too, kinda find out what's going on with them. I love it here, and I'm sure that GiGi will love it too!!

So, Welcome GiGi...can't wait for all the updates, you're going to do a great job, I know it!