Friday, March 21, 2008

Flooding Update

if you're interested in seeing more of the flooding in my area, please go to youtube..the videos were very heavy files and it was taking forever to load them up, so if you want to see all that I've posted...go there...

The water never did come into the house and the highlight of yesterday was when the Missouri State Water Patrol parked their boats in my back yard to ask me where they were...they wanted to know my physical address so that they could determine where on the map they were...they said since everything was flooded, they couldn't tell where they were....

The water in my back yard is now receding and dumping into the Meramec River heading down to Fenton Missouri...I've lived around this place to see 3 floods in my lifetime and I was only severely affected by the 1993 flood...The 1982 flood we sandbagged down in Fenton for a couple of days before the flood hit, but it didn't make that much difference. This flood I didn't sandbag because I was worrying about my own place...sand is now becoming very hard to find around here and in some areas it still doesn't make a difference...but it doesn't stop the community from pitching in to help out...

This weekend Valley Park had over 200 volunteers and Fenton enlisted over 300...
Thank you very much to all who have helped out!! We appreciate you greatly and it does my heart good to know that there are still people out there that are willing to help people in need...

I love living in Missouri even though we have our problems here, tornadoes, flooding, straight line winds..etc..and though we've been labeled as the city with the worst crime or the best sports fans, we also have some of the best volunteers and most caring people when the chips are down!!!

I read somewhere one time that the wild fires, flooding, earthquakes and most other "acts of God" are some of the ways the earth resets itself
Whether that's true or not, it makes me think...what if all those things didn't happen?

hmmmm...I wonder!

well, I have to go, I still have 2 more 12 hr shifts to pull and tomorrow is all overtime!!!
good night

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