Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7th week.....not good so far

Well, here I am......ON VACATION........yay!!!
School is going ok, made a few mistakes, had a bad week last week with grades and stuff. I broke my toe a couple of weeks ago and I've been trying to get over that as well...

I'm so tired....

day one of my vacation, I set the books aside and went fishing and I caught a small bass.
day two of my vacation, I spent a little time playing Wii's Mario Kart
day three, went to school
day four is today!!! had my jeep inspected today, the blasted fools tried to talk me into some "expensive" wipers, I thought, shit, it's a leased vehicle and I return it next October, why would I put high $$$ wipers on the thing??
so, I had them put the cheapies on and that'll be good enough I suppose....

now, I have to hit the history, there's a test tomorrow and if I'm going to pick up my grades, I have to study........

I must say, having this site gives me the freedom to abandon all the rules...
the rules of writing, perfect sentence structure, perfect punctuation!!! Gotta love that!!
the writing is on the wall, the way I want to write it and the way I choose to express myself!!
And nothing else matters!!! I can start out capitalizing letters and finish without keeping in sync!!

wooooooooo go freedom, go me!!!

I love this place! :)

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