Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful Full Harvest Moon tonight!

The day started out like a dream! I was low censused at work! Love that and don't see it often enough. I got up early, started out with the intent to go about 4 hours on the treadmill. I would love to erase away the calories for the day before I even consume them. I couldn't get going, I kept getting off the treadmill for whatever reason, couldn't get the DVD player to work and I was forced to watch cable. Of course there was nothing on tv, that's par for the course I think. But I eventually found something and I started out on my walk. I had the fan set up, blowing right on me and I was all set. I almost hit the 3 hr mark on the treadmill when abruptly, it stopped. I nearly fell on my face. I guess the treadmill can't handle all the walking. I did purchase it used, and it sat in the house for about 2 years before I started using it on a more serious level. I'm very ashamed to say that. Anyway, I turned it off, unplugged it, and went upstairs with my high hopes completely deflated. I only worked off about 750 calories. So, I sat in the living-room watching netflix until I fell asleep! HA....that sounds terrible. So, fast forwarding to tonight, the cute guy & I went out tonight to play miniature golf & treat ourselves to ice cream. It was truly a lovely evening. We opted for the 18 hole course and there was only 3 people playing, that's including us. I love that! Even with my 2 holes-in-one, the cute guy kicked my butt. I love playing mini-golf with him, he's the first guy ever that I can play this game with who doesn't completely gloat after winning. He's sympathetic when it takes me 5 shots to make it in the hole. What a great guy! I totally could retire and do nothing other than play mini-golf with him! Love the sound of that! Then we went over to Maggie-Moos for ice cream. It starts getting dark here around 7:30 pm so it was just perfect for sitting outside enjoying our ice cream while watching the full moon and quaintly chatting about whatever! Ahhh the life! I'm digging it. I don't go back to work til Friday and for that, I'm feelin good!

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