Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nathan & Michelle

Today I was honored to attend the wedding of my friend Rhonda's son.  Though I've not been officially introduced to Nathan, I've known Rhonda and Stewart for 5 - 6 years now and I've seen Nathan's pics in their home.. I know their daughter Stephanie & her family too.  So I didn't feel too intrusive today, they always make me feel so welcome as tho I'm a part of their family.  I love friends like that and I don't feel I have enough of those friends.  The wedding was lovely, quaint yet enough love in the chapel.  Weddings always make me teary eyed because the magic of love is very powerful and in its early stages its intense, intriguing and addictive. As long as you fuel the fire, the Passion can continue to grow and before you know it, well, let's just say 2 really do become 1 and your heart can't beat without the other.  I've been blessed to have seen the power of true love and how when one dies the other cannot live.  I really do hope this love hits Nathan & Michelle. I hope they continue to fuel the flames of Passion and I hope they never lose faith in each other.  They're a beautiful couple and I wish them the very best.  Nathan & Michelle, may God richly bless the two of you in everything you dream & everything you do!  Vaya Con Dios!

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