Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All I hear is Static

So, I'm sitting here listening to BF's alarm ringing with static, he always has a siesta after work everyday religiously...I don't get it, he sets his alarm to get up, and then I'm the only one (other than the dogs and rabbit) that hear the alarm...it's now 1842 and that alarm has been going off now for about 30 minutes...very nerve racking. Now I know what you're thinking, why don't I go up there and turn it off?? cause I'm a very lazy soul when I'm not at work..RT's run A LOT at work, so when I come home, I'm ummm attached to the couch ALL day! My BF works hard too, he's in manufacturing, but he gets up at about 0230 everyday to begin his shift, so when he gets home, he's pretty much ready for a nap! Anyways, I want pizza, so I'm going to get here off this mini pc and shut off his alarm, then I'm callin Pizza Hut!

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