Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday All Day

Wow, what a day. I didn't get to bed until 0430 and TLOML and I had plans to visit a big flea market today about an hour away. We wanted to get there about 8 am, so that left little sleep for us, we ended up arriving at 0915, the place was packed but we were able to find a parking spot. We looked at everything practically on the first row, antiques, junk, collectables, trading items, brand NIB items and pets...
Now, get this, when you go to a flea market, you usually set out to purchase SOMETHING! What cracks me up is the fact that the vendors are shouting out to you, just short of harassment, to come look at their stuff...I like to just browse, if I find something I'm interested in, then I'll let you know! until then, be quiet and leave me be! What a contrast though, TLOML goes to purchase items to sell and I go to purchase items to keep! It was very hot but I brought with me some lemon tea, and as we browse, we wound up getting separated which for us isn't that uncommon, we have our phones with us, so we can usually find each other...he ends up going up the hill, and I went to the opposide side of the first row going back toward the beginning...well, again, not uncommon for us to separate, but a ways down, he calls me and says, where are you? I stated that I was going up the hill, lss, we were both on two separate We are both great lovers of puppies...we raised a litter of 7 one time and they were our babies...we have video to prove it! anyways, there were people there with all kinds of litters of pups..we really liked the golden retrievers, and he liked the one little jack russel that was left. We don't need more animals, having 2 dogs and a rabbit already, but we still love to look at puppies...who doesn't? we made a few purchases, him mostly, but we were there for about 3 hours, vendors were leaving before us! Had a great time. Then we drove to petsmart for some rabbit feed, bedding and litter, then we went for lunch...both of us hot, tired and ravenous we stopped at Joe's Crab Shack. Neither of us had ever been there before, but let me say, they have great food! and great service! talk about satiated! wow! now we were ready to get home and nap...and so we did! We took about a 4 hour nap and got up, played with the dogs, did laundry and now, it's time for bed!! What a day...we are both dreading going back to work tomorrow!
I have 3 twelve hour shifts MTW and then a 4 day weekend, he's unfortunate to have to go back to 5 eight hour days...
Good by kookie weekend, hello work!
I may or may not write again before Thursday, but until then,
God Bless and be safe!

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