Friday, July 20, 2007

Fab Friday

today, I got up early (on my day off) to attend a meeting at work....hmmm, sometimes I feel as though I'm only invited to these things to hear someone spout out about all the changes that are about to come into play and it doesn't matter really what you think about it even though its told to you before hand that these meetings are for everyone and everyone is welcome to say what is on their minds...however, you sit there and listen to one person speak and at the end, they say, well, if there aren't any other issues, we may adjourn...thanks for coming...and you're left thinking, "I got out of bed, drove 15 miles for a mandatory 35 minute meeting and you're 1 of 4 other therapists and 15 of the other therapists didn't make the "mandatory" meeting...WTF? I could have slept later....

After the meeting, I stopped at a store to pick up a couple of articles of clothing to finish an outfit for my interview later this morning...

The interview went well, its for a PRN position at a very large hospital compared to the 2 hospitals I work at now. No, I don't need 3 jobs however one is full-time, the second is PRN but getting the hours at the PRN to match with my days off from the FT is a pretty difficult I'm hoping to increase my chances at some extra pay.

I was supposed to go see grandma today, but when I woke up this am, I had the beginnings of a dry-scratchy throat, as the morning went on and I left from the interview, my throat was getting worse, as I dug around in my purse I found 1 (I don't know how old exactly) halls cough that point, I didn't care how old it was, probably from last winter since I don't carry that purse very often...anyways, I stopped off at a filling station and bought some more for later, grabbed some lunch and set out for home.

I have been so tired lately and I can't attribute it to any one thing...I came home today, opened up the laptop and started to surf the thing I know I am waking up. I fell asleep on the couch, laptop on lap and head resting on the back of the couch...don't know how long I was dozed off for, but probably about 30 minutes I guess...that's what happens if and when I don't take my adderall... :)

I have one more day off and that's tomorrow then I work 5 shifts this week, 4-12 hr and 1-8 about tired...

anyways, I'll write more later, but right now, have to go to the pool, the LOML wants to swim and well, what kind of responsible RT would let him go unattended, I mean, I'd never forgive myself if he drowned! That wouldn't be right. I'm not swimming because I'm the penguin that hates the cold! it's <80 degrees out there and the pool is less than that...pssshh, I won't stick my feet in the water until its at least 90 degrees outside....I'm still waiting... :)

good night
God Bless

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