Friday, July 27, 2007

You had to be there!

It had been threatening rain all day, very gloomy and gray outside. I didn't turn the pool pump on because of the way it looked outside but I sent the dogs out early this morning to do their business and they came in immediately. I've been playing a bit with the digital camera trying to get some good footage of Spankster for his myspace page, but I always end up putting it through the editor and taking snapshots of each frame that looks like it would be a great photo...I don't know why I do that because then I ruin the "movie" as a whole...though it's not a complete waste of time in doing that, I'm still not getting a great video of the worlds most coolest dog...hehe

Anyways, I tried to get some more footage today before the rains came, but again, as usual, all I get is great photos..

Then I was supposed to go to G'mas house tonight to have dinner with her and TLOML and his daughter were supposed to go to a concert..Buck Cherry or something like, around 1700 we're all getting ready to leave to do what we gotta do and I put the hounds away, wish them all a great night and head out to the JeeP.

I get in the JeeP and head out east and it starts to rain, its thundering outside, but it's not pouring rain at this point. I turn onto the highway and I'm in the left lane, I get about 2 miles from home and all of a sudden it clears up...

This weather is just crazy.. anyways, about 6 miles down the road I hear this LOUD crash to my left, I look over there, a thin BRIGHT light coming down out of the sky hits a thing I see is a fire on the power heart is beating uncontrollably and just like a camera flash, the light is stuck in my eyes..
that was too close for my comfort...I've only in my 37 years of life seen lightening far off into the distance...this was just too close...

I clutch the steering wheel and start praying the Lord's prayer..just get me to g'mas house without any trouble...just about that point I start smelling something, I don't think I saw the lightening hit me...but why am I smelling this? I'm way past the point of contact, but wow, it was consuming the inside of the JeeP!

I turned off the air, rolled down the window but I could still smell it...

I just couldn't believe it!

well, I got to g'mas house and we had dinner, but that left her without bread, so I went out and got her some bread, ice cream and chocolate syrup for the ice cream...
we had a nice time, my gut is full and I'm pretty content now..

I'm just really glad that I wasn't the one hit by the lightening, I don't think I'll ever forget that vision in all my life!

I definately won't forget the sound either...

have a great night!


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