Sunday, September 9, 2007

Floating on Cloud 9; Feeling Euphoric!!!

TLOML is just utterly amazing!!! He knows what I want and what I like....I love that most about him!!

Our 5th year anniversary is coming up...we've officially been dating for 5 years come October 4th....

So, even though he is a truly awesome gift giver, I decided to give him a little help this year...immediately following our anniversary comes my birthday and then a couple months later its Christmas...

Being the Ram's fan that I am, I came home from work unhappy because the Rams lost the game today :( though all is not lost, first game stuff...I forgive them and remain truly dedicated! I've decided to give the smilin jeep a new look for the Ram's festive season and I started shopping for Ram's jeep gear...

With B/F beside me we shopped for some things to deck out Miss Jeep...we picked out all the goodies and ordered them...I told him that this can be my "anniversary" present...of course..that kind of offended him because he loves to shop for me..
and....I'm pretty spoiled!!

Anyways..he asked me if I wanted my "other" gift right now..he's so cute..he can't ever wait to give me gifts and sometimes he wraps them and immediately starts tempting me...of course I can always wait..but he can', I started telling him the usual "no, I can wait" but he kept on, so I said okay hoping he would fake me out and tell me, "no, we better wait"...I just love him...but he didn't do that..he actually gave me the gifts that he ya he can't wait..

2...count them, 2 tickets to the Rams/Green Bay game...MY TWO FAVORITE TEAMS!!!! playing together again here in St. Louis!!!

I'm sooooooo lucky!!!!

But of have to know the story...
On my birthday a couple years ago...the Rams played Green Bay here in St. Louis...
Fate right? right!! now, B/F is NOT a sports fan!! at all!!! but he surprised me with 2 tickets to that game and he went with me!!! now that's a big deal for him!!
It even shocked his family...he used to play hockey in school years ago..but he didn't like to watch when he would buy me hockey tickets, I would have to take a friend...but football...he can't stand it and it's his greatest napping opportunity on Sunday's while I'm watching the game...

So...imagine my surprise when he whipped those bad boys out at me!!! oh yeah..he scores!!! TD ML!!! Plus...he's even going with me... 2 TD's ML!!! oh yeah!!

Now...traditionally, he gives me fine fine jewelry...and I love it...but I like this too...and, like the spoiled rotten brat of a G/F that I am....I still have my birthday and Christmas coming up!! :)

I told him 5 years ago to NOT spoil me...but he did it anyways, he knows that he does it and I really think he enjoys it!!

And frankly...I must do I...

We have had a lifetime of hardships in past relationships where we've been with extremely shallow, demanding and downright selfish when we started dating, we both set our rules, expectations, needs and so forth...and we've kept to 99% of everything we set for ourselves and for each other...we both have 2 jobs, we both are very committed to each other and we both take care of each other very, if I really sound like a spoiled brat...maybe I am in a way....but I also don't sit on my rear end being lazy, rude, demanding and selfish!!!

And...maybe its the fact that we spoil each other that keeps our relationship far above all the rest that are failing!!! We started our relationship out with no money in our pockets, run-down vehicles and horrible past experiences...and we've worked hard to keep our dreams in focus so that they could become reality...we push each other to be the very best we can be in everything we do!

talk about fulfillment!!! are the greatest!! I love you with all my heart...Happy 5th Anniversary Baby...I still "LIKE" you...I said I would marry you in 5 years if I still LIKED you!!! So...Will you continue to take naps on the couch while I watch football on Sundays .....for as long as we both shall live??? :)

kT and her temporarily renovated "Rams" jeep

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