Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My teeny, tiny Christmas List!

When asked what I wanted for Christmas this year, I said, let me think a while and I'll get back to you...

1 week later, that question revisited....

My answer(s).....

1. Lower the fuel prices to under $1.00/gal
2. My father and sister-in-law to be to be cancer free
3. My Children to smarten up and realize that I'm the "good" parent...
4. No more back/feet/knee pain
5. My brain implanted into the head attached to that of an 18 year old body post menopause
6. My bills paid off
7. The troops back home on American soil
8. Better insurance options at work
9. Better Patient - to - Therapist ratios
10. My wedding in Greece to be just wonderful and amazing next July
11. Time.....I want more time...
12. Sleep, I want more sleep
13. More time with my grandmother, she's 92...I want her to live forever...
14. Harmony at work between co-workers
15. 1 of my girls to graduate high school and go to college...just one, it would be so nice....I would really like to see them all go, but I would settle for just 1 of them
16. A bigger house on 10 acres of land
17. Spanky to come when I call him....that's a big one!
18. The love of my life to be happy at his job
19. Spend more time with my Grandson....
20. My whole family to be present on Christmas Eve.....

hmmmmmmmmmmmm is that a lot to ask for??

it's time for sleep....I need that!!!
good night all

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