Monday, December 10, 2007

What a freakin' idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Employee Admits Sabotage To Ambulances
Created: 12/10/2007 3:46:25 PM
Last updated: 12/10/2007 3:59:58 PM

"A man who admitted to putting sugar water in the gas tanks of 20 ambulances said he feels his actions were justified.

Ryan O'Connor took a job at American Medical Response in Lake Worth, Florida hoping to do some good.

In an exclusive interview, O'Connor claimed that he was eager to do good when he first joined the company.

Lake Worth Police say O'Connor wore a ski mask and broke into the AMR lot.

The 21-year-old admits to using a funnel to put thick sugar water into the gas tanks of more than a dozen ambulances.

The next morning, three ambulances went out and stalled.

Although no one was hurt, management says O'Connor's actions could have put patients' health in jeopardy.

O'Connor admits to feeling guilty about his outlandish actions, but says they were justified.

"I wouldn't say it's crazy. It was meant to be simple and effective and it was," he explained.

O'Connor says he planned this vandalism as a way to bring attention to his complaints about AMR, but didn't elaborate further.

He could now face felony criminal mischief charges.

AMR is now working with borrowed ambulances while their tanks are cleaned.

O'Connor offered a simple apology, saying, "I'm sorry for the damage I have caused."

O'Connor was fired from AMR and police are waiting for an estimate of damages before filing charges against him."


Why would someone even think of such an evil thing to do??

Some people are just not right!

To all the people who work on the rigs, I'm sorry that this had to happen...what a disgrace..

I love what I do for a living and if someone tried to deliberately sabotage my very much needed and utterly important task of helping save lives, well, hmmmmm

that's just not right!!

I hope that this guy never needs an ambulance!!!

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