Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh the things one can never get back once they're gone!!

1. Your youth - I never feel old until I get out of bed or after working 12 hrs
2. Time - well, I always need more time
3. Virginity - I suppose you could lie about this one, but not after kids
4. 15 y/o body - No aches or pains...bad knees/hips...
5. Lung function - exposure to smoke/asbestos/chemicals/asthma
6. Original hair color - once it turns can't seem to get the right color back...
7. Innocence - oh how I miss this one...
8. Memory - ditto...I miss my memory too....
9. First feelings- remember the feeling of that first kiss? When you passed your driver's test for the first time? etc
10. Life without heartburn - oh man....that's a good one!
11. Your favorite animal - you can't replace a good dog...its not the same
12. Loved ones - can't replace those...I miss my grandma!!

Things I never want to do again:
1. High School
2. Pregnancy/child rearing
3. Total a car
4. Marry an idiot
5. Drink sour milk
6. Suffer pain
7. Lose a loved one
8. Be poor
9. Gain weight
10. Play Monopoly
11. Insurance claims on the house
12. Date....I hate dating...its so awkward!!

Things I would like to do before I die:

1. Become an intelligent physician
2. Pay off my debt & save some money
3. Tell my friends/family that I love them
4. Spend time with my grandchildren
5. Have complete peace in my life with my own children
6. Have a family portrait taken with all my kids in it
7. Vacation overseas
8. Meet my nephew Max
9. Apologize to those I've hurt/offended in any way
10. Know that I'm forgiven for my sins & be closer to God
11. See one of my children graduate high school and finish college
12. Hug my brothers!

What I want to do right now:

Get a good nights sleep!!!

it's already 1 am though, so, we shall see!!

good night

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