Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn in Big River Hills

The beginning of Autumn is very kind to Big River Hills, its very beautiful out here, and its earthly idyllic design just amazes me!

From the leaves that blanket the earth to the gently flowing river down the road, its just a beautiful scene this time of year. I love taking pictures and the beginning of spring, and the beginning of fall are the perfect time to do just that. Stopping time by photograph is an old but great way to preserve wonderful memories.

The soughing wind through the trees is a very serene sound you just cannot capture in a photograph. Standing there, watching the trees sway, smelling the fresh air, you feel it, deep inside you, it takes hold of you in an instant and you know autumn is here. As fast as time cruises through, seize the moment and remember its beauty because it will fade. Time is a thief and it steals all youth, all memories and all beauty. What a demoralizing thought! Time has a way of taking all things from us little by little leaving us no choice but to preserve as much as we can. Let autumn consume you with its captivating aromas and picturesque scenes. Let the last bit of sunlight touch your face and warm your soul.

I love....
Pumpkins and Halloween
The smell of cinnamon and cider
The warmth from the oven while baking an apple pie
Raking leaves into a pile only to run as fast as you can and jump right in them
Drinking hot cocoa and eating roasted peanuts by the fire in the evening
Being surrounded by family and friends while reminiscing of "the good old days"
Strolling around Laumeier Park holding hands with Mikey looking at all the ingenious art sculptures.
Seeing the leaves change colors
The brisk Autumn mornings and the smell of Dad's coffee brewing
Camping trips
Marshmallows on a stick
Old flannel shirts with the holes in the elbows
Warm hoodies

mmmm what wonderful thoughts. I'm excited for this Autumn and I cannot wait to see more of the beauty that's yet to come or more of the memories yet to make!

When winter sets in it will be a different kind of beautiful and I'm not quite ready for it yet, so until then, I will continue to soak up Autumn and try my hardest to slow the "evil hands" of Father Time.

Have a great Autumn my friends

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