Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Days are Better Than Others.

Libra is a balance, and I sure am born under that sign!

I look for a healthy balance in my life, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't. But I continue to look for it nonetheless.

Its when you're most content with life that the crap starts flying and sometimes you can't catch it all so you get hit by what you don't catch.

I'm getting slammed at least 1 day of the week and its usually on the day that I want harmony!

So what do I do?

Today, I want to run away! Run far far away until I feel guilty for leaving and end up coming back.

How come the people you love so much hate you so bad? How come the people you love so much talk so badly about you? You're the adult, so you can't just dish it right back. You just let it go and hope that the people you love see the truth for what it really is. How long does it take? No one knows. In the meantime, you get hurt repeatedly and there's really nothing you can do except take it. Take the abuse as it comes your way and hope that it doesn't do too much damage to the mind over the long-term. You can't talk to these people, they've been brainwashed into thinking the absolute worst about you and they expect you to just do everything for them even though they're old enough to do it for themselves. You have to do it all and you have to hear how much you are worthless and how much they hate you but you still have to do it because they claim it falls under the unconditional love plan....

Sometimes, life just sucks!

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