Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life....As We Know It!

Life as we know it changes daily. Its quite difficult to master a routine if things keep changing. I find myself now with trying yet another routine. This time though, its a work out routine. Trust me when I say I'm doing this kicking & screaming & whole-heartedly against my will! I'm coming up on 42 years old and I'm ashamed of the weight I've gained over the years. I couldn't buy the weight when I was 21, I was maybe 105lbs at the time. Today, I have 65lbs on that one! You aren't supposed to double in weight as you double in age, at least not after 18 years old. It took years to put on the weight, and by no means do I expect it to fall off over night. I wish it would fall off, but I know it won't. There are so many rules to losing weight, eat more fiber, eat more fruits & veggies, add exercise to your diet, drink lots of water, blah blah blah blah blah....ugh...I suppose if I were excited to lose weight, I might actually lose it faster however, walking on a treadmill is NOT my kind of fun! Its boring, it takes forever to lose 500 calories, my calves ache, my back aches....this isn't a grand time! Gaining weight is not painful, but losing the weight is excruciatingly painful, especially when it takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r! All I want to do is give up, but as I proved to myself in respiratory school, when you want something bad enough, you'll do the work, even if it sucks! So....this puts the first workout week to rest, and tomorrow starts another week....respiratory school was a total of 70 weeks...I sure hope that I can lose 50lbs in less than 70 weeks! Oh we go!

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