Thursday, September 15, 2011

Geez, great timing after yesterday's post

I just finished my 3 mile walk/run on the treadmill,  stepped off, took a swig of my poweraid when the lights went out. I'm standing in the dark basement thinking; did my treadmill trip a switch?  I'm kinda leary now because of the treadmill mishap a few days ago...right at 3 miles my treadmill quit... I walked up the stairs to check the breakers and found nothing out of the ordinary. I called the power company and they were so kind to inform me that 74 people in my area are without power just like me! Isn't that nice? LOL.  I still have my George Foreman video to do, but so what, I can take a little break right?  I did some chores around the house that don't necessarily require power other than my own manual labor power, and here it is over an hour later & still no power.  Well, there is still more I can do around here so I guess I better hop to it. I can't afford to run down my phone battery blogging & all..that would mean I would have to go drive around wasting fuel for my cell phone..and its completely not worth all that.

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