Friday, July 20, 2007

Fab Friday Con't

Okay, so I can't relax....I brought the laptop out to the pool...
did I ever tell ya about my "petting" zoo?
at least that's what the LOML calls our house...
I have 2 dogs and a rabbit..what a zoo huh?
My girl dog is 3, she's a sheltie/golden mix, she loves to go canoeing, catch frisbees and sticks and she loves to swim! she also likes to sit at the river with LOML while he pretends to fish...very smart, polite girl...
Then, there's my lil all-american eunich! he's a st.'s 1 year old...100lbs of baby puppy! He doesn't do much and he will make a great porch dog one day! he's afraid of everything but he does like to take a ride in the jeep only he can't jump so its getting hard for me to lift his back end up in there...the only thing interesting about him is he has his very own myspace can check him out and add him to your friends lists if you have a page... the site is
send him a msg before requesting him though, he gets a lot of porn spam...poor guy..
its bad for his baby eyes...
and last but not least, there's Spazzzy the rabbit! My rabbit with attitude!
Mr. Bun Bun is a piece of work, a real class act! He's very OCD imo. When I clean his 3-story condo, he gets really snotty and runs around madddddd, he starts throwing his toys and thumping and tries to chew on the whisk broom!! quite a site he is...he's the only bunny in the world that has funky teeth, they grow out to the side and every six months he has to have them ground down! The vet recommends that I have them pulled but she charges 75$ per tooth...wowo! that's highway robbery..
they all get along very well and they play nicely together in the kitchen. there are pics on spanky's page of all three of them...they're pretty cute!!
alright, I'm done for the night, the LOML is getting out of the pool, so I must kiss his face off for a while!
again, have a great weekend and I'll post more later

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