Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm soo home!!! yay!!

I have finally come to my couple of days off!!! I'm so excited...When I left the other position, I had all this free time, so I signed up with the PRN position and then, when choosing my days of orientation for the new position, I had to choose 3 12 hr days...so I had 6 days of work, then off 1 day, then worked 2 more days, now I get 2 days off then go back for 3 more days...I'm so exhausted!!

Grandma's party was a hit!! She was so excited!! She asked me why I was so late arriving...first of all, I was told the party began after 3 pm...I didn't show up until about 4:15ish...but that's after 3...I told her that I was told that the party didn't start until after 3 and that I had some stuff to do...I told her that I washed the "smilin jeep" and took the top down in hopes that she would go for a ride with me...no dice...she's laughed though...my aunt said that she wouldn't ride with me because her hair would get messed up...I said, "her hair is only 2 inches long all around!" what's to get messed up about it???

anyways...she's so adorable...92 and still in her right mind!!

Monday, I had to work at the PRN job, and I came about a surprising fact!! I have no friends!! I have many acquaintences.. but no friends!!

The girl I worked with asked me if I was going to go eat some BBQ after work..I looked at her in a very puzzled manner and she returned the puzzled look back to me..like, "why is that an odd question for a Labor day?"...I said, "I'm going home to get some sleep because I have to work tomorrow!".. she said, you're not going to cook? I said, "no...I don't cook anymore hardly" there's just me and my kid...it's hard to cook for 2 people when you're talking about BBQ...

she said, "isn't there someone out there to cook for you? friends, family??" I said, "no!" ...hmmmm wow..what an awakening...

I have tons of family...one's that I had seen on Sunday...but no friends...

hmmm...odd isn't it?

have a great week everyone!

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